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1912 Summer Olympics

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The 1912 Summer Olympics, officially called the Game of the V Olympiad, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from May 5 to July 22. The 1912 Summer Olympics was the first time that the competitors in the Olympic Games came from all five continents represented in the Olympic Rings. There were 28 nations featured in the 1912 Summer Olympics, and 2,407 athletes competing in 102 events in 14 sports.


The 1912 Summer Olympics was the last time that solid gold medals were awarded to the first place winners. Current gold medals are gold covered silver. In the athletic events, electronic timing devises were added to the 1912 Summer Olympics. Baseball was also added as a demonstrated sport for the 1912 Summer Olympics.


On Point specializes in arranging exclusive sports travel packages to major sporting events around the world.  A package to the Summer Olympics, through On Point means much more than getting fantastic seats for the event.  By using our private jet charter services, we can arrange a private flight in a Gulfstream 100, or any number of private jets featured in our aircraft guide, to and from the hosting city.  A travel package to the Summer Olympics means we can provide private transportation to and from the airport, as well as to the stadium and to the hotel.  It means arranging deluxe accommodations at the finest hotels in the area, reservations at fine dining restaurants, preferential access to our on-site concierge service 24 hours a day, and more.  On Point offers many options for your travel package to the Summer Olympics. You and your party can attend exclusive celebrity parties and private events during your Summer Olympic experience.  Our expertise and connections in the profession can provide you access to “meet and greet” events with today’s Olympic celebrities as well as Olympic legends from the past.


The options available through On Point for your perfect Summer Olympics experience are designed to please the discerning sports fan with a taste for excitement and luxury.  If a round of golf will be a good segue to the rest of the day, allow us to set up your tee time at the course of your choice or allow us to recommend the best signature courses in the area.  On Point also offers fully customizable corporate event planning.  A package to Summer Olympics with On Point is designed to be a glamorous experience for you and your party.


On Point is an independent Summer Olympic travel package and ticket broker that specializes in sports travel packages and tickets to high demand events worldwide.  The sports travel packages we offer can be catered to your individual desires and are sure to be an unforgettable experience.  Though we offer pre-planned Summer Olympic travel packages, with the many options we have available, On Point can arrange customized Summer Olympic packages that no one else in the industry can provide. 


To request a quote for a Summer Olympic package or to discover more of what On Point can do for you and your private party, contact us today at 713-227-8888 to speak with one of our executive travel consultants.  You can also call our Travel Agent Hotline at 800-809-1277 or e-mail us at info@onpointevents.com.