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UFC Training

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UFC training is very important to UFC fighters. Their wins depend upon how well they train and study the fighting style of their opponents. UFC training basically consists of a solid skills base, strength training, stamina training, nutrition, and the mental approach. Within UFC training, conditioning, speed, anaerobic capacity, agility, strength, power, and flexibility are all factors on how a UFC fighter will perform. If prepared with the correct UFC training regimen, the UFC fighter’s success rate rises.


A good pre-fight strategy is to have good mental preparation, a sound diet, good technical base (skills wise), and a specific strategy. The best way to develop a solid UFC training skills base is to have knowledge of all styles that might be used during a fight. Some examples of those styles are: Stand up (kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai), Clinch (freestyle, Greco-roman wrestling, and Judo), and Ground (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, catch wrestling, and shoot wrestling). UFC and mixed martial arts are the hardest sports to train for, while keeping body weight low and over coming different weaknesses.


UFC strength training means that the fighter has to build all the muscles responsible for stability with regards to weight transference during the fight. Most UFC strength training programs highlight core movements or ground based lifts, i.e. dead lifts, cleans, squats, and bench presses. UFC stamina training involves the UFC fighter doing interval sprints, sled dragging, circuits, combination lifts, and speed ladder work. Another key aspect of total UFC training is specificity. One way to create that effect is wearing a mouthpiece during UFC training. The mouthpiece causes restricted airflow, which is what happens during an actual fight. Muscular endurance is also important during a UFC training routine, so isometric training is done to help endurance. Some isometric exercises done during UFC training; the “push-away” and the isometric push up.


Nutrition is also important in UFC training. Calories from carbohydrates, good fats and enough proteins should be kept high for training energy. There are protein powders, creatine monohydrate products, and caffeine products are supplements that UFC fighters can use to help boost their amounts of energy. Along with nutrition, the correct mental approach is crucial to UFC training and victories. A UFC fighter should study his opponents to determine a game plan based on his and the opponents strengths and weaknesses.


Three weeks before a UFC fight, UFC training is still done, but not as hard. The UFC training fighting strategy should be lighter, faster, and more specific. During this period of UFC training, volume and frequency of training should be turned down, but the intensity of the UFC training should be turned up. The last two weeks of the UFC training should be more technical and based on a specific fight strategy. Sparring helps out that strategy, as it is the closest thing to actually fighting. Specific weight training and circuit training should be used to maintain power and strength.


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To request a quote for a UFC package or to discover more of what On Point can do for you and your private party, contact us today at 713-227-8888 to speak with one of our executive travel consultants. You can also call our Travel Agent Hotline at 800-809-1277 or e-mail us at info@onpointevents.com.