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US Open Golf History

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US Open Golf history began on October 4, 1895, when the US Open Golf Association (USGA) conducted a 36 hole tournament on the nine hole course of the Newport (R.I) Golf and Country Club. The historic US Open Golf tournament was considered a sideshow to the first US Amateur Golf tournament. Both tournaments were played on the same course during the same week, and were scheduled in September, but were pushed back because of the Americaís Cup Yacht Races.


10 professional golf players and 1 amateur golf player started in the 36 hole, historic US Open Golf competition, which equaled four trips around the course in one day. The first winner in US Open Golf history was 21 year old Horace Rawlins, an English professional and assistant at the host golf course. Rawlins scored a 91-82-173 in the first historic US Open Golf tournament.


The total amount of prize money awarded for the first US Open Golf tournament was the lowest in US Open Golf history, at $335. Rawlins won $150 for first prize. He also received the first gold medal in US Open Golf history and custody of the US Open Championship Cup for his club for one year.


The US Open Golf history books show that the US Open Golf tournament was conducted for amateurs and the large British professional immigrant golf population coming to the US. American players began to dominate the game of golf, and the history of the US Open Golf tournament and the tournament itself became an important world golf championship.


John J. McDermott became the first native born American in US Open Golf history to win a US Open Golf tournament in 1911, and he repeated in 1912. 1913 marked an exciting year in US Open Golf history. 20 year old Francis Ouimet, an American amateur, defeated famous English professionals Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in a playoff.


For the first time in US Open Golf history, the US Open course was roped from tee to green. That year also marked the first time in US Open Golf history that there was national television coverage. The coverage expanded in 1977 by ABC. In 1982, ESPN broadcast the first two rounds live, for the first time in US Open Golf history. NBC began televising the US Open Golf in 1995. 2002 marked the first time in US Open Golf history that a two tee (1 and 10) start was used for the first and second rounds. This was also the first time in US Open Golf history that a facility owned by the public hosted the US Open.


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